A healthy balanced diet for your dog will not only make for a happy dog

but can improve his well being and behaviour resulting in

a much calmer dog and a more trainable dog

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What is in processed dog food

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If you think you are feeding your dog a healthy diet please look at the following links

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   Alarming research into dog food

               Dogs & Cats in Pet Food copy.pdf

                         Is pet food poisoning our dogs? .webarchive


                                      Processed dog food report copy.pdf

Stray dogs put into dog food!


Ingredients for processed dog food need ‘Rendering’ first to make meat meal.

Here is a film at a rendering plant supplying processed dog food companies.

CAUTION; Some people may find this video distressing.

Please allow time for the video to download

Processed Dog Food includes any dog food in cans, satchets, pouches, pet mince and dried food (kibble).

This also includes most dog treats.

In 2005 I began to research the types of dog food currently available in the UK. Through this research I noticed that from around 1950 onwards, as processed dog food sales increased there was also an increase of dog health problems such as cancers, growths tumours and renal problems. I looked for any possible connections between the two. I was horrified to discover independent reports of what actually goes into processed dog food.