Master Dog Trainer in Kent can solve all your dog training

or dog behaviour problems.

Home visits 1-2-1 Personal Dog Training, Dog Training Classes.

Fast track your skills in Dog Obedience Training.

Highly recommended

Dog Problems Solved Kent


*  Professionally Qualified  Dog Behaviour  Practitioner
*  Master Dog Trainer (Guild of Dog Trainers)
*  Highly Recommended by Vets

*  We demonstrate to you how to solve the dog’s problems

*  Home visits - it’s usually at home where the problems are

*  1-2-1 dog obedience training and instruction sessions

*  Professional home consultancy

*  New puppy home induction - house training

dog training grounds maldon chelmsford

overcoming agility problems


my dog training grounds in maldon
do aggressive to dogs

dog in down stay


dog to dog aggression

dog to humans aggression

food aggression

anxiety separation

fear and phobias

      Stealing food/items



jumping up



excessive barking-howling

house training

submissive urination

chasing cars-cyclists-joggers

   fear of travelling in car

travel sickness

eating stools

socialisation with dogs

socialisation with people

over protective

begging for food


self mutilation


and much more.....

Common dog problems

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Dog Problems Solved can provide a professional dog training service in Kent

for all dog behaviour or dog training issues. Recommended by Vets,

Boarding Kennels and Dog Groomers.

Using unique methods that can improve your dog’s obedience and behaviour

Covering all areas including Essex, London, Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and Home Counties.

Why choose us?

We have developed our own unique dog training methods

We have successfully trained hundreds of dogs

We have successfully  helped hundreds of dog owners.

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